An executive session on the municipal court planned during Monday night’s Olney City Council meeting was actually held in open session upon the request of Municipal Judge Stan Mahler. Mayor Brenda Stennett had asked for the topic to be put on the agenda in order to have Mahler answer some questions she said she had on her mind for quite some time.

“We have a lot on the books,” Stennett said, noting there were more than 630 active cases listed.

Mahler said those cases include everything from ordinance violations to speeding tickets, traffic citations and more. He said there were only 626 actual active cases.

“It seems like there’s a lot on there, and it’s not improving,” Stennett said. 

Mahler said many of the citations are given to people who live in other cities, who will not or cannot come back to town to deal with the tickets. 


A good deal of the cases, the judge noted, were begun by officers who are no longer in Olney and never finished the paperwork required for the case to go through. Those cases have to then be transferred to the city attorney for dismissal.

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