Tuesday’s County Commissioners meeting was once again agenda packed and, at times, contentious. 
The court agreed on several items, including the acknowledgement deputation and oath of office for new Deputy Clerk Sharon Oldfield, the pursuit of new bids on road material, culverts and fuel (a motion that carried 3-0, with Commissioner Jimmy Wiley abstaining from voting), and the transfer of $98,881 from the county’s indigent health fund, which is no longer relevant since the Graham hospital district now handles the treatment and care of jail inmates, to the county’s general fund.
Among the more hotly debated topics was an item County Judge John Bullock brought before the Commissioners Court, in which he sought to assess the value of all of the scrap materials of the old county jail building. 
Commissioners Sipes, Wiley and Pruitt stated that the matter was not pertinent to the overall issue since the money would be going not to the county but to a private demolition company, but Bullock said that he was still interested in the overall value of the salvage material.


Tacked onto that agenda item was the consideration of the overall value of the old county jail building. Judge Bullock estimated its value at a little over $1 million, but commissioner Mike Sipes disagreed with that assessment, saying that many other factors were not considered in the valuation of the building. Ultimately, the entire agenda item was tabled in a 4-0 vote with Judge Bullock abstaining from the vote.
The Commissioners Court also debated the validity of seeking out alternative insurance bids for property, vehicle and liability insurance. Judge Bullock felt that it was too soon to tell if the County’s current insurance provider, TAC, would ultimately prove beneficial, while Commissioner Pruitt said that no harm came of looking at other possible options, adding that if money could go to an insurer in Young County through a policy that is more advantageous to the county, the situation would be win-win for Young.
Finally, the results of the Nov. 5, 2013 constitutional amendment election were canvassed, and the final results agreed with the unofficial results 100 percent.