Flu season is here, and Dr. Mark L. Mankins of the Olney Family Clinic joins the Texas Department of State Health Services in urging everyone to make sure they're protected. "The flu shot is recommended for everyone," Mankins said. "We should have plenty. We ordered as many as we have before. There have already been some documented flu cases, so we may be having an early season." Those who may get the flu vaccine include infants beginning at 6 months of age all the way through the elderly. First-time vaccine recipients under the age of 9 are required to get two doses at least four weeks apart, according to the TDSHS. Mankins stresses that the very young, and all children, get vaccinated. In spite of that fact, he said it is surprisingly uncommon for parents to bring their children in for shots. "It doesn't seem like we have a big wave of kids who get flu vaccines," he said. "They need it because really young children can get very sick." The vaccine is also highly recommended for those age 65-plus, as well as individuals of any age who suffer from chronic conditions, especially those affecting the respiratory system or heart. (For more of this story, check out this week's edition!)