A few big changes will be coming to Olney High School in the fall following action taken at a called meeting of the Olney ISD Board of Trustees Monday, July 15. Board members agreed to close the OHS campus for lunch, and also approved a few changes to the student dress code.

First, trustees tackled the question of closing OHS for lunch, as is currently done with students at Olney Junior High and Olney Elementary School. Superintendent Tom Bailey said the board members cited safety as their main concern when it came down to making the change.

“We are one of the few campuses still open for lunch,” Bailey explained. “The students leave walking and in vehicles. They’re exposed to things during the noon hour that we’d rather them not be exposed to.”

He also said the trustees hope dining together will help build more of a sense of family and community between the students, and that it will help keep them focused on academics throughout the rest of the day. Changes will soon be coming in the cafeteria’s offerings to help make the transition easier for the older students, as well.


“Vickie Horton and the food service staff will be working to make additions to the menu that will be more attractive to the high school students,” Bailey added. 

Later in the meeting, trustees reviewed student handbooks as presented by secondary school principal Steve Fleming. While a majority of the changes were minor, the handbook was approved with a couple of major alterations to the dress code.

Beginning again in the 2013-2014 school year, all OHS boys must be clean shaven, and any dresses, skirts or shorts worn must be knee length.

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