By Mindi Kimbro,


A group of local citizens is attempting to organize and raise money to fill the municipal pool for the summer. The pool has not opened due to the city of Olney being in stage four drought restrictions, which prohibit the use of water outdoors for any reason and have made it where the pool has not been able to open.

Led by Brad Owens and Christy Watkins, the group will be attending a meeting of the Olney City Council at 6 p.m. Monday, June 10, to seek permission to move forward with fundraising efforts.

“I’d love for as much support as possible to come to that meeting,” Watkins said on Monday.


Watkins said the pool will take approximately 120,000 gallons to fill, and said a company has agreed to haul water from an outside location to fill the pool. Additional water will be hauled in to keep the pool filled throughout the summer at a total cost of anywhere from $6,000 to $7,000. Watkins noted that the city of Olney has agreed to foot the bill for employing a pool manager and lifeguards if City Council members give the go-ahead next Monday night.

“We can go to Archer City or Graham to swim, but we’d rather keep the money in the community,” Watkins noted. “The pool is it for our kids.”

Anyone interested in helping may contact Watkins by e-mail at, or find either her or Owens on Facebook.