A 2006 Olney High School graduate is on the path to living out his dreams on the radio in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Kevin Turner, son of Rick and Kim Turner of Olney, recently took a job as a producer on “The Ben and Skin Show” on 105.3 The Fan, and is so far loving his life at work. 

“I sort of always had it in my mind that I was going to do something in media, whether it was radio or television or writing,” Turner said of his dreams growing up, though he is not quite sure where those dreams originated.

“I always loved talk radio and broadcasting, in general,” he said. “I know it was at an extremely early age that I knew I wanted to be doing some form of radio.”

That love of the radio waves found him serving as a broadcaster for Olney’s sporting events on area radio stations as early as seventh grade. 

“I was asked to do an emergency play-by-play for a Cubs playoff basketball game,” he said. “That was basically the start.”


He covered several Cubs games over the radio and gained some experience before heading off to college at the University of North Texas, where he earned a degree in radio/tv/film. During his time there, Turner was a DJ, anchor, talk show host and play-by-play announcer for radio and television programs.

“I then took an internship at Sports Radio 1310 The Ticket in Dallas, and worked there part-time for three years as a reporter, producer and fill-in host.”

That job carried through until very recently, when he saw an opportunity open up with “The Ben and Skin Show,” a popular entertainment/sports talk show. Though the opportunity to move up was too much to resist, Turner said the decision to leave The Ticket was agonizing.

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