Members of the Olney ISD Board of Trustees held a special meeting Friday, April 19, and made a hard decision regarding the retention pond they agreed earlier in the month to build to help with football field irrigation. Personnel items were also on the agenda.

Superintendent Tom Bailey said the board members discussed the choice to construct a retention pond, and decided there was not enough time, at this point in the year, to get the project done so it could be used to irrigate the football field and practice field in order to make them safe for use by the fall. They then turned their attention to an alternative.

“We are going to utilize some portable water storage tanks to irrigate the fields to supplement rain,” Bailey said.

Other options, including pond construction and artificial field turf, are not entirely off the table, but will not be considered this year. Those options, Bailey said, will be revisited if needed in the future.

“It’s not the long-term answer, but it’s an immediate answer and we need an immediate answer for our playing surface,” Bailey said.

All members were present and voted unanimously for the change of plans.

In personnel matters, the board agreed to hire Amanda Ray as an English teacher at Olney High School. They also voted to make the position of curriculum director full-time. Elaine Reno,  Reno, acting Olney Elementary School principal, was hired to take the curriculum director’s position. Bailey said a new OES principal is being sought for the fall.

Members include Kelly Mahler, David Ickert, Jeff Harvey, Len Bernhardt, Chance Fite, Kyle Hinson and Jamie Kulhanek.